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Inspired by the Hunger Games and Sukikagra.
-What to Know-
We live on what was known as North America, but we call Noteray. Noteray has four regions, Grace, Hope, Joy, and Death. We have to list the regions in that exact order because they go in order of wealthiest, strongest,and most populated. I live on Death, population 32. Each year are population goes down by a dozen or more because of starvation. We barely have anything to eat because the borders are guarded with electric fence. Are land is not able to be farmed on and wildlife do not live within borderlines. The only way to get good and healthy food is to win the Sacrifice Ceremony, or the S.C. In the S.C. our President, Missy E. Tucket, visits each region and draws 4 names (2 girls and 2 boys) and sends them to a battlefield in Grace. The people eligible have to be from age 5 to age 18. My name is Victoria Zoe Marshall, and I am 12. Every year the S.C. Eve is on my birthday. The S.C. Eve is when Ms. Tucket visits each region. Each year you are eligible for the Sacrifice Ceremony your name gets put in the ball 5 times. Currently my name is in the jar 40 times. My younger sister, Roshelle Ann Marshall, is only five, this is her first year. I live with my mother, April May Flowers. In the S.C. each person drawn is placed in a battlefield and has to fight to the death and survive. Last year, the battlefield was covered in snow and no one survived. Only one can survive and the survivor goes home and is forever fed and healthy, along with their family.

Chapter 1~

I noticed the date, December 31st 3012, my birthday. I shower and get dressed preparing for the Sacrifice Ceremony. My mother and sister are asleep so I sneak out to hunt. I found a hole in the borderline fence that I could fit through. Ever since then I have illegally hunted to keep my family fed. Before my father died he gave me his bow and arrow, and I use it to hunt. I caught two small deer and  four rabbits. I trade some of them with strangers at the Trade Mark for fruit and bread. I check my watch, it's 3:30pm. The bells for the ceremony were alarming from the stadium. If you arrived late they would kill you. I ran home to walk with my family. They were not there and the door was locked. I continued to the stadium. The last bell stopped. Guards ran toward me to carry me off to the Killing Cave. I ran away from them attempting to stay alive. I found a small gate to the stadium, I went inside and sat with my family. "Please stand for the arrival of Ms. Tucket." an announcer said through the microphone. Missy ran to the stage and sat down. "All may sit now." Missy announced, we all sit. I remember leaving my food in the woods. "Dang it!" I accidentally scream aloud. Everyone looked at me. Missy laughed " What is wrong young one?". "Nothing at all." I say back mocking her accent. She continues about the rules, "Now for the drawing.". My sister squeezes my hand while I squeeze my mother's. " For the boys: Henry Jones and Mark Lucas. For the Girls: Victoria Marshall and Roshelle Marshall. All names called must come forth the stage at once."  Missy says. My sister and I share fearful glances. We walk together to the stage. Our mother cries in tears. The boys and we walk onto the stage take a bow and go into the helicopter.


Cassidy Shy-Anne Alexandria Smith
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Wanted to thank you for all the kind words on my work. So thank you! Also, I see you do some art as well! I'll check it out!
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Your welcome and thank you too!